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Performance Plastics wishes to provide its customers with a variety of services in addition to injection molding. Many projects that we encounter require plastic joining. Where possible, ultrasonic welding is the preferred method to join parts.

Performance Plastics uses top of the line ultrasonic equipment to insure a consistently high quality weld. Performance Plastics Ltd. uses a Branson Ultrasonics 2000aed as our primary welder.

Please see below for a technical definition of ultrasonic welding.

Performance Plastics Ltd. Uses A Branson Ultrasonics 2000aed
Performance Plastics Ltd. Uses A
Branson Ultrasonics 2000aed

A Technical Definition of Ultrasonic Welding

"The basic principle of ultrasonic assembly is the conversion of standard 50/60 Hz power to 20 kHz or 40 kHz. The electrical energy travels through a converter, which then expands and contracts at the same frequency converting the electrical energy into high frequency mechanical vibration. This vibration is amplified by a booster and transferred to the the work piece through a shaped tool called a horn. Parts being assembled are clamped together under moderate pressure, at which point ultrasonic vibrations force the parts to collide against each other at a preset frequency creating a molecular bond equal to or above the material strength of the parts."

- Sonicwelder.com