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The world of rapid prototypes has changed dramatically over the past decade. It used to be that only large companies with substantial R&D budgets could afford to prototype their designs before going into production. Now, because of dramatic strides in technology, rapid prototypes are available at an affordable cost to all businesses - if you have the right partner.

Performance Plastics Ltd. believes that Multi Jet Modelling (MJM) is the future of rapid prototypes, and we have invested in the best mid-size format machine on the market.

We are the first company in Canada to operate a 3D Systems ProJet HD3000 Plus.

This technical marvel builds your part in layers from the ground up, in extremely fine detail using a very durable, Acrylic based resin (plastic).

We are capable of building your parts in layers as thin as 16 microns (16/1000mm). This creates incredibly detailed, strong parts with very smooth surfaces.

Your parts come off the machine looking great - natural in colour, and semi-transparent. This finish level is fine for most applications - especially for functional testing. If you are planning to use your prototype at trade shows, or in sales presentations, you will want to opt for our professional finishing services. We will have your part primed, painted, and coated. Fully painted parts will truly show off your design, and create a lasting impression.

If you would like to know more about this amazing process and how affordable it can be, please contact us today.