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Quality Assurance is one of the most critical elements in creating both long lasting and mutually successful manufacturing partnerships. Performance Plastics has a system in place to insure that every item manufactured for our customers is produced in a cost effective and timely manner to meet their most stringent quality and delivery requirements.

Performance Plastics Ltd. - Quality Check

Listed below are some of the things that make Performance Plastics Ltd. the top quality shop that it is:

  • Successfully achieved and continues to maintain the ISO9001:2008 quality standard.
  • Fully qualified QA staff perform quality checks as per individual customer requirements.
  • All quality staff have access to modern, top of the line quality assurance equipment.
  • Performance Plastics Ltd. promotes an environment that encourages feedback by rewarding employees for up-holding our tough quality standards.
  • If in rare instances a problem does occur, we work swiftly to correct the error and immediately take measures to prevent it from happening again. A detailed corrective and preventative action report is supplied to our customer.

We do all this to insure our customers receive timely shipments which are free from defects.