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3D models are the standard in the manufacturing industry. They are a critical step in the development of any product. They allow manufacturers such as moulders and mould makers to provide accurate quotations because they provide details regarding mass, geometry, and part dimensions. They are also a valuable tool for validating your design. Many design faults are caught at this stage, conserving valuable capital.

3D models are essentially computer generated coordinates assembled into solid features and surface features. Because they are math based, your 3D part model is readable by any manufacturer in the world with the right software. You are not tied down to the company that creates the model for you.

There are many advantages in having a manufacturer like Performance Plastics generate your part drawings:

  • We have worked with thousands of parts over the years. We know what works, and what doesn't.
  • We do all design work here, in Toronto. Communication is critical, and there are benefits to "face to face" meetings
  • We know the materials, what they're capable of, and we know how to leverage them to get the most out of your design.
  • We know the manufacturing process - its strengths and its weaknesses. We can help lower your production costs by leveraging the strengths of injection moulding, while minimizing its weaknesses.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is symmetry. Very few part designs get released for manufacture in their first revision. There are almost always changes made to the design to enhance performance, reduce costs, or to fix a faulty feature. Because we offer in-house rapid prototypes, making and testing revisions is faster, easier, and more affordable. When the time comes to mass produce your part, we will already have an intimate knowledge of your needs - what you require to launch a product that is well received by the marketplace while maximizing your profitability.

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