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When a project calls for high performance in demanding environments, processors turn to engineering resins. These chemically advanced plastic compounds are the only way that processors and OEMs can meet the strictest requirements for longevity, consistency, and "real world" performance.

Industries that rely on our expertise and processing knowledge with engineering resins include the; automotive, electrical, consumer goods, and plumbing industries.

The following is a partial list of engineering resins that Performance Plastics is currently processing:

  • DuPont Zytel® PA
  • DuPont Hytrel® TPC-ET
  • DuPont Delrin® POM
  • Lanxess Lustran® ABS
  • Dow Isoplast® ETPE
  • Dow Magnum® ABS

If your project requires an advanced materials solution, let Performance Plastics' experience go to work for you. Contact Us today.