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Equipment like temperature controllers, dryers, and material loaders are very important to the injection moulding process. The only way to insure that the finished product meets quality standards is by making sure everything you put into that part meets the same high standards.

Performance Plastics Ltd. Uses DME Controllers

Temperature Controllers

Performance Plastics uses advanced D-M-E and Berg temperature controllers. The controllers are used to maintain proper heating and cooling throughout a mould by controlling water temperature and heating zones.

Desiccant / Hot Air Dryers

Performance Plastics Ltd. makes use of a combination of drying technologies. Desiccant dryers are primarily used for engineering resins, which require the extra care. For most materials our hot air dryers are more than capable of obtaining the correct dew point.

Performance Plastics Ltd. Uses Dri-Air Desiccant Dryers

Performance Plastics Ltd. - Automatic Material Loader

Automatic Material Loaders

Every moulding machine at Performance Plastics has an automatic loader installed instead of a typical material hopper. These loaders insure that the machines are constantly being fed material. Automatic loaders help to insure the most efficient process, so we can offer you our best price.

We focus on the overall process at Performance Plastics. All of our equipment works in harmony to deliver the high quality products that our customers have grown accustomed to. Please Contact Us to learn more.